Comics for Young Children

Featuring the Health Squad, we are creating a library of 12 comic books for children, aged between 6 to 10 years, in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek.

WebQuest Challenges for Teenagers

To engage and support teenagers to understand Health Literacy we have a compendium of 32 WebQuest Challenges on the following themes - Promoting Positive Mental Health; Diet & Nutrition; Preventative Health Promotion; Social Media in the Health Sector. Webquests are at different levels to match the ability and interest of young adults.

Support for Parents

We are creating an introductory Training Programme for parents and guardians to support them to facilitate family learning in their home. It will be supported by a range of Lesson Plans, Tip-sheets and a dedicated Manual to build their knowledge and understanding of health literacy.

Training Programme for Adult Educators and Community Support Workers

The Health@Home Training Programme and Handbook supports the continuous professional development of educators so they can take full advantage of the new learning model and resources provided

Mobile App and learning platform

All of the learning materials and resources developed as part of this project will be available free of charge on a dedicated Health@Home Mobile App and learning platform. It will be accessible on all smartphone and tablet devices.