Project Overview

It has never been so important for people to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and access services in order to make appropriate health decisions for themselves and their families. Fostering the health literacy of all citizens is beneficial for society at large as it reduces costs for public health systems which can, then, work more efficiently for those in real need of care.

Tackling the health literacy issue, in the midst of a global pandemic, also means fighting poverty, social exclusion, racism and discrimination, and promoting social justice and gender equality. It provides a very strong basis to improve the socio-economic situation of many people as a healthier population in all stages of life can contribute better to the social, cultural and economic development of communities. It is not only about educating people about health issues but empowering them to act for the betterment of their personal health and that of their families.

Project aim

The aim of the HEALTH@HOME project is to provide a range of age appropriate and accessible family education resources that promote health literacy and lead to more sustainable and healthy communities.